Two weeks after Eyez got released

During the past two weeks, Eyez has been well-received by players from all over the world. Here are some statistics:

– 36 out of 48 players worldwide gave Eyez positive ratings (4 & 5 stars). The other non-positive reviews consist of some complaints about the glitch in the multi-touch jumping control (which has been fixed in v0.7.0.3), a few rants about the game crashing on their devices — which I need to investigate later — and several fishy 1-star reviews which don’t make any sense to me… (some of them are empty ratings with no device info, some of them are just pure curses)

– The game has been featured in the US, China and Mexico WP Stores, as shown below:

Eyez_Featured130624 Eyez_FeaturedCN_130704 Eyez_FeaturedMexico_130704 Eyez_Spotlight_130625 Eyez_SpotlightCN_130704 Eyez_SpotlightMexico_130704

– The game has been ranked among top 100 paid/new+rising games in most regional WP Stores. In certain regions like the US and China, it has reached within top 20 in the “new+rising” category and top 80 in the “top paid” category. Considering that I don’t have any budget for marketing, that is pretty impressive. Below is a chart from


– WP Central posted an article about Eyez:

P.S.: I just moved back to China and am currently in search of a new job. I’ll start working full-power on Chapter 3 after things are all set. Stay tuned for more updates!

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Eyez now available on the Windows Phone Marketplace!!

In the last post I said Eyez would be released in May… Well, there has been a little delay… But now the game is finally available to the public on the Windows Phone Marketplace, TODAY!! Be sure to check it out if you have a Windows Phone device!! ;D

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Eyez is in closed beta, will be released in this May

My job at Tencent ended last week so I finally got some big chunks of time to work on Eyez. It now has 20+ levels in two chapters and offers much better user experience. Chapter 3 is on my schedule and will (hopefully) be released later this year.

Stay tuned for more news in the coming weeks!


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The Grinns Tale officially launches on Facebook and Kongregate today!

So this is the game I was working on back at Nexon America! It is a different social game and (also) a different RPG. And most of all, it is unique and fun!

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New adventure in the Bay Area!

I just moved to the Bay Area last weekend. Over the past week I’ve been settling down and attending GDC 2012… Super excited about the new opportunities here!

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Eyez is on, again

So here comes Part 2 of the interview by John Polson.

And for the sake of convenience, here is the link to Part 1.

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My first day at Nexon, Eyez is on

Today is my first day at Nexon America, and my friend Daniel posted on my Facebook: “Hua your on!! Congrats!”

My first reaction was like “What??”…

After reading that post on, I think I need to clarify a few points:

First, Eyez is a puzzle game, not an old school action platformer.

Second, my design philosophy is “Less is More”, which means everything in Eyez has a reason. I didn’t spend many many hours of coding just for creating unimportant objects. And there were also elements and assets I took out from the old prototypes, mainly because I want to make its gaming experience pure and smooth.

Third, I wrote the 1st draft of Eyez in 2007 and has been exploring its mechanics with digital prototypes since 2009 (right after Kid the World Saver entered IGF2009 Student Showcase). So personally I believe Eyez is a very awesome game. Because, if it is not, I would not have been willing to work on it for the past two and half years… lol

Anyway, hopefully I can squeeze out enough time to finish Eyez and make it available on the Windows Phone Marketplace early next year. 🙂

P.S.: Here are two screenshots of the statistics of this site and my vimeo page. That is the power of media lol

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Angry Ducks

So I made this prototype using XNA over the past weekend. It was called “Angry Ducks” and you can consider it a silly salutation to the NES classic “Duck Hunt”.


A. Control

– Left Mouse Button: Shoot

– Right Mouse Button: Reload

– Esc: Exit Game

B. Background Story

You are a hunter sent to a mysterious land to hunt these bizarre birds. They are carefree and sometimes tend to be naughty — when they see you they will fool around a bit, laugh at you and fly away.

However, when wounded bad they become angry and destructive — they will accelerate, charge into their enemy (in this case, you) and explode!!

C. Instructions

There are three different types of angry ducks (100, 200, 300 points respectively), each with different parameters.

Your gun can load up to 6 bullets at a time. If you keep clicking the left mouse button when running out of bullets, the system will automatically reload for you. You can also click the right mouse button to reload, which is faster than the automatic way.

If you hunt down a duck, you will get the full points of that duck. If a duck explodes, which means you fails to hunt it down, you can still get half of its points but will lose 1 life. If you lose all 5 lives, you lose the game.

Your goal is to survive all three levels and, if possible, get a score higher than 3000 points.

Tips: Don’t provoke too many ducks if you are not able to survive their suicidal attacks…


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Update on the development of Eyez

I finally did some work on Eyez after finishing the E3 stuff, and now the camera system in the game is basically done. For the coming months, the major work is to add in new assets and polishing. Super excited about what this game will become!!

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E3 done. Life goes on.

PSVITA looks great, and Wii U has a lot of potential for game developers to explore. This year’s E3 was not disappointing at least.

Guess I won’t be doing my game media work for a while. Time to start looking for a game designer job. Seriously.

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