My first day at Nexon, Eyez is on

Today is my first day at Nexon America, and my friend Daniel posted on my Facebook: “Hua your on!! Congrats!”

My first reaction was like “What??”…

After reading that post on, I think I need to clarify a few points:

First, Eyez is a puzzle game, not an old school action platformer.

Second, my design philosophy is “Less is More”, which means everything in Eyez has a reason. I didn’t spend many many hours of coding just for creating unimportant objects. And there were also elements and assets I took out from the old prototypes, mainly because I want to make its gaming experience pure and smooth.

Third, I wrote the 1st draft of Eyez in 2007 and has been exploring its mechanics with digital prototypes since 2009 (right after Kid the World Saver entered IGF2009 Student Showcase). So personally I believe Eyez is a very awesome game. Because, if it is not, I would not have been willing to work on it for the past two and half years… lol

Anyway, hopefully I can squeeze out enough time to finish Eyez and make it available on the Windows Phone Marketplace early next year. 🙂

P.S.: Here are two screenshots of the statistics of this site and my vimeo page. That is the power of media lol

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