Indie Games

Here are several indie games I made during my years in the US.

Kid the World Saver (2008.10-2009.2, PC)

This is a side-scrolling puzzle game on PC. The protagonist Kid moves on his own and can’t be controlled by the player. In order to guide him to the goal, the player needs to manipulate different kinds of blocks that have various effects (e.g. green blocks make Kid run and white blocks make Kid jump).

Award: 2009 Independent Games Festival Student Showcase Winner

Role: Game Designer / Character Designer / Concept Artist

  • Co-designed the game from scratch to finish as one of the three core team members
  • Designed, illustrated and animated the protagonist Kid
  • Sketched concept drawings and designed a new water-colored art style for the GDC exhibition version

Download the game: High Graphic Version, Low Graphic Version

Monoverse: This is not Physics (2009.9-12, PC)

Monoverse is a 1 to 4 player PC game where each player controls one or two characters depending on which mode is selected. The white characters can only move in the black areas and the black characters can only move in the white areas. The objective of the game is to find the goal and reach it. In 2 or 4 player mode the first player or team to get both of their players to the goal wins. This game is an experiment on how people perceive space in video games.

Role: Game Designer / Coder

  • Originated the concept and co-designed the game as one of the two core team members
  • Wrote all the code of the game

Download the game: Click here


Gameplay Video:

Eyez (2009.4-2016.6, Windows/iOS/Android)

Eyez is a 2D action/puzzle game where players are required to think and play based on the spatial logic set in the game that intentionally explores and utilizes spatial paradoxes. The development was transferred from Torque2D to XNA. Now available on the Windows Phone MarketplaceApple App Store. and Google Play.

Below is a teaser of the game.

Role: Game Designer / Coder / Environment Artist / Director / Producer

  • Conceived the original concept and designed the game from scratch
  • Writing most of the code and made half of the environment art
  • Leading a team of 4 members to produce art assets, code, writing, music and sound effects
  • Won a Fox Interactive Fellowship with this game


Eve (2009.9-12, PC)

Eve is a 3D platformer that deals with the philosophical themes of life and death and experiments with new spatial mechanics in 3D platformer. The player controls a bizarre animal named Eve which has lived a long long time and cannot die. It needs to multiply itself and use the clones’ dead bodies as platforms to get to the goal which is bringing Eve’s own life to an end.

This game was made for the CTIN532 Interactive Experience and World Design class. It was built using Unity3D, and so far it is still a prototype. I hope I can resume the development in the future.

Role: Game Designer / Coder / Artist

  • Designed the game from scratch
  • Did all the coding and arts

1st Prototype Gameplay Video (you can try it out here):

3rd Prototype Gameplay Video:

Circuit Warfare (2010.3-2011.4, iOS)

Circuit Warfare is a two-player turn-based card game on iPhone in which two players use a variety of Circuit Cards and Magic Cards to compete with each other. The player’s goal is to fill the Board with as many Circuit Cards of the player’s color as possible. Now available on the App Store.

Role: Game Designer \ Artist

  • Designed the game from scratch and made all the art assets in the game
  • Collaborated with 4 programmers in the team to get the game available on App Store