Two weeks after Eyez got released

During the past two weeks, Eyez has been well-received by players from all over the world. Here are some statistics:

– 36 out of 48 players worldwide gave Eyez positive ratings (4 & 5 stars). The other non-positive reviews consist of some complaints about the glitch in the multi-touch jumping control (which has been fixed in v0.7.0.3), a few rants about the game crashing on their devices — which I need to investigate later — and several fishy 1-star reviews which don’t make any sense to me… (some of them are empty ratings with no device info, some of them are just pure curses)

– The game has been featured in the US, China and Mexico WP Stores, as shown below:

Eyez_Featured130624 Eyez_FeaturedCN_130704 Eyez_FeaturedMexico_130704 Eyez_Spotlight_130625 Eyez_SpotlightCN_130704 Eyez_SpotlightMexico_130704

– The game has been ranked among top 100 paid/new+rising games in most regional WP Stores. In certain regions like the US and China, it has reached within top 20 in the “new+rising” category and top 80 in the “top paid” category. Considering that I don’t have any budget for marketing, that is pretty impressive. Below is a chart from


– WP Central posted an article about Eyez:

P.S.: I just moved back to China and am currently in search of a new job. I’ll start working full-power on Chapter 3 after things are all set. Stay tuned for more updates!

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