Professional Work

Gunfire Heroes

    • A mobile action-shooter game for iOS and Android where players can shoot, dash and do melee combat.
    • Responsibilities: Project Manager (manage the whole project and control the quality of the product)

Rising 3D

    • Rising 3D is a shoot-em-up game for iOS and Android. It is the first 3D game in China’s mobile games market, has reached the #1 position on Apple App Store Top Paid Games (China) and stayed there for weeks.
    • Responsibilities: Producer (manage the whole project and control the quality of the product)

Below is a trailer of Rising 3D.

Realm of Swords

    • Realm of Swords is an  iOS game that combines city-building and turn-based combat with a medieval-fantasy theme. It is Tencent’s first major mobile game targeting the western market.
    • Responsibilities: Designed, implemented and tweaked most of the missions, battles and dialogs data. Acted as the key communicator between the U.S. and China teams in launching game on time. Involved in the marketing and PR campaign.

Below is a trailer of Realm of Swords.

The Grinns Tale

    • The Grinns Tale is a browser game developed by Nexon. Let the Grinns take you on the adventure of a lifetime. Recruit a party of wacky cohorts, establish a base of operations so you can craft gear and produce battle supplies, and then venture up a mysterious Tower to fight monsters and discover the dark truth of your world.
    • Between the engaging storyline, solid RPG mechanics and simple-to-learn gameplay, the game stood out amongst other social games because it felt fresh, original and (above all) fun. The game’s traffic seems to indicate players feel the same way, as it’s been gradually growing since it launched in late July 2012; currently, The Grinns Tale has 140,000 monthly active users and 20,000 daily active users. (quoted from InsideSocialGames)
    • Responsibilities: Acted as a key contributor to the design by providing various design insights to the team and writing the Game Design Document. Implemented most of the mission and battle data. Drafted the items, recipes and equipment data.

Below are the intro movie of the game and a gameplay video.

Petpet Park


  • Petpet Park is a virtual pet website launched by Nickelodeon Kids & Family Virtual Worlds Group (formerly Neopets) in October 2008. It can be considered a browser-based MMO targeting kids 8~12 years old. CardCasters is a card battle game in Petpet Park. It is one of the most popular mini games and one of the biggest money makers in Petpet Park. I interned as a Game Designer at Nickelodeon Virtual Worlds Group from Sep. 2010 to Dec. 2010. A major part of my work was to help design and operate the 1st Annual CardCasters Tournament, which was the most important event for Petpet Park in Fall 2010.
  • Responsibilities: Designed the card decks of the 7 bosses in the tournament. Helped test the decks in AI simulation and internal staff playtests to make sure the ramping worked well for the target audience. Helped organize the tournament by playing Game Master characters in the game.

Below is a trailer of CardCasters.