Eyez V0.7.0.4 update submitted

So I just submitted a new update of Eyez. Below is the updated app description:


★★★★★If you like Eyez, please consider giving it a positive rating!★★★★★

“Players who enjoy platformers, puzzles, or just want to play something different should give Eyez a look.” – Windows Phone Central

Eyez is a 2D puzzle platformer where you play as the protagonist Mint, a girl who lost her memory, to explore a mysterious lonely land. Use the Blue Eye to traverse the borders of her shattered reality, and open the Red Eye to expel the wandering nightmares. Eyez presents spatial logic in gameplay like you’ve never seen before.

– Use the Blue Eye and Red Eye abilities to explore 20+ mind-bending levels
– Change the way you think about space in game by solving tons of challenging puzzles
– Unique control schemes designed specifically for touch-screen controls
– This version includes Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 of the game. Chapter 3 will be added as a free update in the future

=Change Log=
Now Eyez should be working properly on 256MB-RAM devices (Thanks Mrinal!)
For those of you asking for a jump button, now you have one.(Enable in Options – Game Settings – Jump Button)

Improved jumping control for multi-touch control scheme
New instruction added in 1-3

Minor bug fixes
ESRB, PEGI, DJCTQ and CSRR rating certificates added
If you have any feedback or suggestion, please contact me via email at:

* If you experience any problems, please send me an email. Be sure to include your phone model and system version, and if possible describe what happened. I will try to deliver a fix ASAP. Rating this game 1-star without explaining why won’t help solve any issues. After all, I’m only one indie developer… Thanks very much for your support!!

** To 256MB-RAM devices users: V0.7.0.4 has been tested on a Nokia Lumia 610 and everything looks good. If the game still crashes on your phone, please contact me via email.

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