MFAInteractive Media Division, University of Southern California (GPA: 3.84) Thesis: Eyez: Spatial perception in videogames May 2011
B.A., Digital Entertainment Design, Tsinghua University, China Jul. 2009
B.Arch., Architecture Design, Tsinghua University, China (GPA: 84.9/100) Jul. 2008

Work Experience

PM for International versions Huanle Entertainment Ltd., Shanghai, China

  • Leading the development of the international versions (Korean version, Japanese version and NA version) of Ragnarok Origin (仙境传说:爱如初见) and is the key person responsible for communicating with publishers about development, marketing and operation.
  • The Korean version of the game was released in 2020.7, and was among the top grossing games on App Store and Google Play in Korea. The Japanese version was released in 2021.6 and was No.1 for several days on the Top Free Games Rankings on both App Store and Google Play.
Nov. 2019


Senior Game Designer Huanle Entertainment Ltd., Shanghai, China

  • Worked on Ragnarok Origin, an enhanced mobile version of the popular MMORPG Ragnarok Online. (Publishers: Tencent for the Chinese version, Gravity for the Korean version, GungHo for the Japanese version, Gravity Interactive for the NA version).
  • Designed and lead the development of many key gameplay features in the game (e.g. Open world system, Life Skills, Endless Tower, Battleground, and GVG)

Oct. 2017

-Nov. 2019

Game Producer – Faceroll Games Ltd., Shanghai, China

  • Worked on Call of Duty: Heroes, a free-to-play spin-off from the Call of Duty Role: Game Designer / Producer
  • Lead the development of Monster Metropolis, a RPG with city-building and monster battling elements. Role: Game Designer / Producer

March 2015

-Sep. 2017

Game Producer / Project Lead – KooGame Ltd., Shenzhen, Guangdong, China

  • Led the development of several game projects (project management and quality control)
  • Worked on Lightning 3D (雷电3D, genre: Shoot’em-up). Role: Game Designer / Producer

August 2013

-Dec. 2014

Senior EditorUCG Magazine, Shenzhen, China (the top videogame magazine in China)

  • PR with the videogame industry in the US
  • Was responsible for covering major game industry events in the U.S.

May 2010


Game Designer – Tencent America, Palo Alto, CA, USA

  • Worked on Realm of Swords, a fantasy RPG + town-building game. It was Tencent’s first major mobile game targeting the western market
  • Designed, implemented and tweaked most of the missions, battles and dialogs data.
  • Involved in the marketing and PR campaign, and directed the game trailer
  • Acted as the key communicator between the U.S. and China teams in launching game on time
  • After finishing ROS, was responsible for identifying and evaluating acquisition/licensing opportunities for Tencent

Mar. 2012


Game Designer – Nexon America, El Segundo, CA, USA

  • Worked on The Grinns Tale, a browser game that features a unique art style, a refreshing RPG gameplay and town-building elements. It was the first in-house game project of Nexon America
  • Acted as a key contributor to the system design of the game
  • Implemented and tweaked most of the missions and battles data


-Mar. 2012

Game Designer Nickelodeon Virtual Worlds Group, Glendale, CA, USA

  • Worked on the game design part of Petpet Park(PPP) and several other game projects. PPP was a virtual pet browser game launched by Nickelodeon Kids & Family Virtual Worlds Group in October 2008. The game featured a new virtual world focused on Neopets’ companions, Petpets.
  • Designed and pitched new game mechanics and contents to team


-Dec. 2010

3D ArtistUSC Annenberg School for Communication, Los Angeles, CA, USA

  • 3D environments design, modeling and texturing for a HIV prevention research game project

Sep. 2009

-Sep. 2010

Game Lab Artist Electronic Arts Game Innovation Lab at USC, Los Angeles, CA, USA

  • 3D assets design, modeling and texturing for the Walden game. (now available on PS4)

Feb. 2009

-May 2009

Member of Editorial BoardUCG Magazine, Shenzhen, China

  • Reviewed each issue of UCG, offered feedback and advice to the staff
  • Wrote multiple published articles, ranging from exclusive interview to critique to biography

Nov. 2005

-Nov. 2007

Indie Game Experience

Eyez, a spatial puzzle platformer that explores the idea of “screenspace” (available on iOS and Windows)

  Video: Role: Game Designer / Engineer / Artist / Director / Producer

  • Conceived the original concept and designed the game alone from scratch
  • Wrote all the code and made half of the environment art
  • Led a team of 4 members to produce art assets, writing, music and sound effects
  • Won a Fox Interactive Fellowship with this game
  • Eyez was covered by several influential game websites

Apr. 2009

-Jun. 2016

Circuit Warfare, a two-player turn-based card battle game on iOS. (App Store download link obsolete)

Video: Role: Game Designer / Artist

  • Designed the game from scratch and made all the art assets in the game
  • Collaborated with 4 engineers in the team to get the game available on App Store

Mar. 2010

-Apr. 2011

Monoverse: This is not Physics (PC), an experimental game about the perception of space.

  Video: Role: Game Designer/ Engineer

  • Came up with the original concept from my experience in spatial design
  • Co-designed the game with the other team member
  • Wrote all the code of the game

Sep. 2009

-Dec. 2009

Kid the World Saver (PC), a 2009 Independent Games Festival Student Showcase Winner.

  VideosTeaserPostmortem Build ProgressRole: Game Designer / Character Designer / Concept Artist

  • Co-designed the game from scratch to finish as one of the three core team members
  • Designed, illustrated and animated the protagonist Kid
  • Sketched concept drawings and designed a new water-colored art style for the GDC exhibition version

Oct. 2008

-Feb. 2009


“GDC2013: The Prospect of the Next-Gen”, UCG, the top video game magazine in China, vol. 321 Mar. 2011
“GDC2011: A Peek into the Future”, UCG, vol. 271 Mar. 2011
“E3 2010 Reports”, UCG, vol.254 Jul. 2010
“An Interview to Jack Scalici, Director of CreativeProduction at 2K Games”, UCG, vol. 253 Jun. 2010
“Decipher the Game Industry through GDC2010”,UCG,vol.248 Apr. 2010
“GDC Diary”, UCG, vol.224 Apr. 2009
“From flOw to Flower-A biography of Jenova Chen the designer of flOw,” UCG, vol.207 Jul. 2008
“Interview Notes of Shanghai UBISOFT Entertainment Company,” ART&DESIGN, the top academic magazine in the field of art and design in China, vol.170 Jun. 2007
“Tsinghua University establishing a top-level base for China’s game industry,”UCG, vol.157 Jul. 2006
“The Trace of Phantasy – a complete review on Phantasy Star series,” UCG, vol.151 Apr. 2006
“Blue Burst across the starry sky – a critique on the operation of Phantasy Star Online in China,” GAMER, the only periodical focused on game culture in China), vol. 16 Feb. 2006

Media Coverage

独具慧眼 – 《Eyez》制作人陈华采访(Part1, Part2) – 游戏机实用技术(UCG) vol. 392 Apr. 2016
坚持六年,更换三个引擎,他只为这款独立游戏 – 游戏葡萄 Dec. 2015
游戏葡萄编辑部年度推荐游戏 – 游戏葡萄 Feb. 2015
【新作iOSゲー】Eyez – 特殊な目を使う少女が主人公のアクションパズルゲー!
iPhone ガメ(GAME)!
Feb. 2015
《神秘之眼》(Eyez):一个满屏游戏性的毕业设计 – 触乐 Feb. 2015
青い目を駆使して空間をつなげよう! 不思議なプラットフォームパズル『Eyez』がオススメ♪ – ISUTA Jan. 2015
Eyez for Windows Phone: Solve puzzles by controlling space itself – WindowsCentral Jun. 2013
The Fourth Wall has Eyez: Having the Same Mechanic – Indie Games Dec. 2011

Awards and Honors

Fox Interactive Thesis Fellowship May 2010
Electronic Arts Award (Fellowship) from USC SCA Jul. 2009
2009 Independent Games Festival Student Showcase Winner (Kid the World Saver team) Jan. 2009
Scholarships (Fellowship) from USC SCA including Brazil Award Fa2008, Muller Award Fa2008 and SCA Scholarship Fund Fa2008 Aug. 2008
2006-2007 Academic Year Tsinghua University Student Association Excellent President Award (only 7 out of 110student association presidents were awarded) Oct. 2007
2006-2007 Academic Year Tsinghua University Social Work Scholarship Oct. 2007
1st Prize of T.E.R. Pervasive Game Workshop (Sponsored by Nokia), Beijing 2007 Jan. 2007
Best Member of the Editorial Board of UCGAward May 2006
Tsinghua University’s Friend Scholarship: NOK Scholarship (Top 15%) Oct. 2004

Computer Skills

Office Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Project and Visio
  • Adobe: Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Premiere Pro, Flash, After Effects, Audition
  • Autodesk: Auto CAD, 3DS Max, Maya, Mudbox  Corel: Corel Draw, Corel Painter
  • Others: Audacity, Axure, Boujou, FinalCut Pro, JIRA, Nuke, Sketch-up, Torque2D, Unity, MonoGame
Programming ActionScript, C++, C#, Java, JavaScript, Lua, Processing, Python, TorqueScript, VBA, VRML

Language Capability

English Fluent. TOEIC : 810/990, Dec. 2004; new TOEFL (iBT): 104/120, Aug. 2007; Studied and worked in the US for 5 years (2008~2013)
Japanese Proficient. Japanese Language Proficiency Test Level 1 (the highest level): 327/400, Dec. 2005
Chinese Mandarin: native speaker level; Hakka: native speaker level; Cantonese: proficient